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What will suit my event?





To make things simple and professional Bar AM have three main ways we can complement your party or event.  The options below give you a starting point.



The mobile bar, equipment, staff and set-up are free* but your guests pay for all their drinks as they would at any standard bar or pub.  However, we can completely tailor what drinks we serve for you and your guests.  Also, if you would like us to provide table wine or arrival drinks, we can organise a wine tasting session to make sure the flavours and budget suit you.



Once again we set-up the mobile bar, all equipment needed and provide professional staff for your event.  The only difference with this choice is your guests do not have to pay for their drinks.  The bill is picked up by the host at the end of the party.


Standard BAR

Free BAR

50 /50 BAR

As with the previous options, we can fit in with other suppliers to set-up the bar and equipment to perfectly fit around you.  We staff the bar with a number of professionally trained individuals depending on the size of your event.  However with this option you can put some money towards your guest's drinks.  When this pot runs dry your guests go on to purchase their own drinks as and when they require them.


* Subject to booking fee.

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